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MCM Home
Photo Credit: Previews First

I have shared bits of our home but I thought I better share more details before we move. It is kind of a selfish post as I want to be able to look back on some of our favorite spots in our home in the years to come.

A little back story…when we were looking for a new home my husband told us about our current home. He mentioned it was 2 bedrooms and I stopped him right there. I said no way could I live in a two bedroom home. We only have one child, but we still have a lot of stuff!!! I couldn’t imagine not having an extra room to store all my random decor and exercise equipment we never used! But my husband insisted we at least look because it was a home that was a Mid Century Modern. At that time I was not too familiar with that style. So, we went to go take a look. We pulled up and I wasn’t too sure yet. It looked like it belonged in Palm Springs(not a bad thing…just different). Then we walked inside….and there began our love affair for all things MCM.

I no longer cared that there were only two bedrooms. I had to have this house. After I stopped drooling at all the great architecture in the first few feet I ventured over to the two bedrooms. They were huge! My son currently has a Queen bed and a full drum set in his room! The reason why this house worked so well for us and we decided to put in an offer was because of the size of each room and all the storage. Even if the rooms were large but there was no storage it probably would not have worked out. I have more storage than I know what to do with. My son is able to play in his room and never brings any toys out of his room. It is amazing what a smartly designed home can do! We have never found ourselves in need of another bedroom. I think too, living in a MCM home lends itself to a more minimal lifestyle. I have donated and sold so much stuff. It is amazing what we collect and hold onto. That is a whole other post though. So, let me get to sharing so photo of our house. Today I want to focus on our living room/dining room.

Photo Credit: Previews First

We have a lot of natural wood accents along with dark stained concrete floors, so I knew I wanted brightly colored couches. We had a hard time finding couches that were long enough to fit our space, so I designed these to the dimensions we needed. All of our furniture pieces were either Craigslist finds or from the flea market. I have always been more attracted to vintage furniture, so I had a lot of fun searching for these pieces. The Lane coffee table was minutes away from being painted black before we swooped it up for 50.00 from a Craigslist ad!

Photo Credit: Previews First

The living room area is my absolute favorite room in the entire house. It was the first room I saw when we previewed the home and those windows and beams sold it for me! Also, the wood planked walls that lead into the kitchen are absolutely stunning. They are not original to the home but they look like they are. The previous owner added this feature and I can not imagine a better design for these walls.

Photo Credit: Previews First

I have to mention these white leather chairs! If we do not sell our home furnished these beauties are coming with me to every house we live in! I have to admit I almost passed on the chairs, as they were not cheap, but thankfully The Hubs convinced me to buy them! We found the chairs, along with the small side table in between and an arc lamp, from a vendor at a flea market. The leather is original and in beautiful shape. I placed my Father-in-laws Navy blanket on one of the chairs. Our main goal with our home was to make it look like you were walking into a home back in this era. We tried to hide our tv but had no luck. Other than the tv I think we were able to  find many vintage pieces that compliment the architecture of our home nicely.

Photo Credit: Previews First

Mid Century Modern design is known for its indoor and outdoor spaces being incorporated together. I love all the windows(except when it comes time to clean them). In this picture you can see a bit of our outdoor space. Eating at the dining table gives you a sense that you are eating outside since there is a wall of windows looking out to the fountain and outside patio.


I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our living/dining room. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the tour! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I love talking about our home!



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