Mid Century Master Ideas

One of the last rooms I have left to decorate in my house is my master. Doesn’t it always seem to be the last room to get done? My previous bedroom was Hollywood Glam and although I could probably work that into my Mid Century design I decided to go for a more natural eclectic look. This design is new to me so, I really want to be patient and make sure I make the right design decisions. In the past I have been quick to get stuff from the clearance aisle at Target and bring it home only to realize it just didn’t go. I look back at many of my design decisions and think wow that was just hideous. I am trying to mature my design taste and I realized I have to always be on the look out for great pieces and to have a plan in place.

With Mid Century design I can’t just go to HomeGoods(although I did find an awesome Mid Century Modern clock there).


Other than small accent pieces, the bigger furniture and art pieces need to be vintage. Our home was built in 1959 and so we try to get pieces from the late 50s and early 60s. It is so much fun to go to flea markets and stalk CraigsList, but it is a waiting game. You never know what you are going to find. Luckily, we have made friends with a wonderful Mid Century Modern dealer and have bought many pieces from him. Currently on our list for our master is: two nightstands. I have even thought about stripping down the nightstands I painted(Lord, forgive me) and using those. We need to re-wire a lamp we bought at the Rose Bowl and find another one.

We need a new King size mattress to go with our headboard we got from our favorite dealer. New bedding…this is so hard for me! I spent years finding my last bedspread…hoping I have better luck this time around. I would also love a chest for the end of the bed to house our extra pillows and blankets. Last but not least we need art! Our whole house needs art. I only have one picture up in our whole house.

So, here are a few items I have spotted and am loving. Many have a Native American vibe..which I love!!!

I spotted this on Etsy. I decided against it since my Mom has an Indian picture she is giving me or that I am stealing. This is a rug, but thought it would be cool hanging on the wall. It was made in the 60s by a Grandfather for his Grandchildren. Amazing!

I want some Lucite somewhere in our master and I just love this mirrored tray with Lucite and brass detailing. This is from the 50s and would look fabulous on my nightstand!

This bedspread is the color palette I am going for in our Master. I never thought about adding grey though. I think it adds a modern touch. This is a twin and the seller has two. I thought about just draping it on my bed and using it more as an accent. Also, thought about buying both and sewing them together??? I am not completely sure about this one but I love that it is vintage(late 50s to mid 60s) and has the warm browns, yellows and oranges I am looking for.
More updates will come along the way. We missed the last Rose Bowl and can’t go next month either. I am having withdrawls!!! I am having no luck on Craigslist or thrift stores either. It will come together slowly and I am ok with that:).


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