Summer Lovin

I have a serious problem. I have been spending way too much money on stuff! I am adding more things and I have broken my New Years Resolution of limiting the things I bring into my home. Ugh…it’s only February. I guess the first step is admitting it. Now I must stop…maybe…probably not. I mean how could I pass up the newest pink lipstick that I already have 20 of????

First up is a natural cleaning product. I mentioned previously that I wanted to start using more natural beauty and cleaning products. I am still finishing up my non-natural cleaning products so I promise to do a post just about the natural cleaning products I purchased awhile back. I did however use this wonderful degreaser. I rarely find cleaning products that are just amazing, especially natural cleaning products. This one is great! I ordered it from Vitacost…another love. It is by grab green. I originally bought it for my oven hood that is glass and can build up some greasy grime. It worked like a charm. I just let it sit for a minute and it cleaned right up. I also purchased a new little glass dish from a recent Goodwill trip. It was a bit grimy but a little degreaser cleaned the dish up. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately I see that it is out of stock! Vitacost is good about restocking so keep checking if you are in need of a good natural degreaser.

Thyme with Fig Leaf power degreaser by grab green

One resolution that I actually have kept up is getting healthy! I am super happy about this one. Thanks to my handy dandy Blu-Ray player I stream work out videos from You Tube. I have two favorites currently. My all time favorite trainer is Jillian Michaels. She is mean but super encouraging. I love her kickboxing video.

 A new favorite is the videos by the girls at Tone It Up. They have a Bravo tv show. I am loving their kettle bell workout. Another reason I love using You Tube is that I never get bored with my workouts. I can find just about any type of workout I need. The Tone It Up girls have a great website and I found an awesome recipe for a drink that I make each morning. It is called Bombshell Spell. It is a great way to get in your apple cider vinegar. It really helps curb my appetite all day! This drink also has two of my favorite juices in it, pineapple and lime..mmmm. Simply add 1/2 cup of pineapple juice(100% organic is best), a splash of lime juice(organic-get mine at Ralphs), 1 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 TBS of Honey(I warm mine up so it dissolves easier).


This post wouldn’t be complete without a few makeup/beauty items! Nude lipsticks are all the rage. Some can make me look a bit washed out. I finally found one that is a great match to my natural lip color. It is by Maybelline, in the shade Warm Me Up. Maybelline actually has a new nude lipstick line called Color Sensational® The Buffs . This is not apart of that line but, if you are looking for a great nude, they have 10 different shades to chose from.


                                         This looks more pink in the pic but it is actually brown in person.
                                                I found my lipstick at Target and I had a coupon!!!
Another great product that I picked up recently is by Loreal. It is their Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Blow Out HeatSpray. I was looking for something to add volume to my lifeless hair and this is amazing. I use it while my hair is damp and blow dry my hair. Since it is also a heat protectant spray it reduces my frizzines and protects it from my blow dryer and flat iron. It added so much volume. It also adds a bit of texture, hence the added volume. If you are looking for a heat spray and volumizer look no further.

A few random loves this month:
Worship song “Oceans(Where my feet May Fail) ohhhhh how I love this song. I have been in need of a reminder of God’s Love and this is on repeat in my brain:).
Also, I have really loved not being on FaceBook. It has been about six weeks now. I survived! I had to reactivate my account though because a lot of my other sites use Facebook to sign in! I can’t get away! So, I show that I am on but I am not. I am just using Facebook…and I am not ashamed. I have a blog post in the works about some things I have learned …not just about Facebook but about myself. It is a little hard to talk about..but I have read some encouraging blogs about what I am dealing with and I think it is great to share your struggles with others, if you are ready and God has put it on your heart…so when I am ready I will dump it all on ya!
What have you been loving??? I probably shouldn’t ask…since I do not need an excuse to buy anything else!


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