Field Trip: Cedros Avenue Design District

Having a day off is glorious. Especially when The Hubs agrees to go to San Diego and take a walk around Cedros Avenue. We have been here a few times in the past but, we discovered a lot of great new(to us) stores this time. Cedros Avenue is located in Solana Beach, CA. Every time I go to San Diego I ask myself why I don’t live there. It is my happy place. The people are so friendly(unlike another nearby beach community). The weather was perfect and there was a beautiful ocean breeze….ahhhh. 
One of the first stores we visited was Leaping Lotus. We have been to this 21,000 square foot store before. It is one of my favorites. It has 130 shops all under one roof. Each vendor is in their own booth and each shop is unique. From cute beach decor, art and stationary, they have it all.

Next stop was Solo. This store also features different merchant shops within one large building. I was in awe of all the design books they had! There was the largest selection of Mid Century Modern books I have ever seen! The Hubs and I were totally geeking out. I ended up picking up a design book on different bloggers’ home and tricks they share about blogging about interior design(see link below). I can’t wait to dig in. 
Design Bloggers at Home

Aren’t these awesome! They have a ton of ads from the 50’s and 60’s!
Finally, we stopped in a new store to us but, I believe it has been there for awhile. It is called the Antique Warehouse. It was filled with different antique vendors. Of course, you know what we were looking for….anything Mid Century Modern and boy did we score. They had about 3-4 spaces with MCM decor and furniture. The last space we checked out had a painting that was amazing and we bought it. Unfortunately, we were overcome with excitement and it clouded our brain with MCM goodness and left no room for thinking about measuring it to make sure it fit in our car. It didn’t fit and they are closed on Tuesdays. So, we have to let the painting stay at its’ old home until Wednesday. We will be forced to be apart, but the good news is we HAVE to go back to Solana Beach! We even debated tying it to our roof rack but we envisioned it flying off and getting destroyed on the way home. Anyways, this place was awesome and we will definitely be back…on Wednesday.

There she is!!!!! Look at all that other goodness!

What a fun day! I highly suggest checking Cedros Avenue out. 
Sundays they have a Farmers Market from 1-5. 


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