Home Is Where My Heart Is

I love all things to do with the home. I remember as a young girl my family would bring my dad lunch at his job sites(he is a Carpenter). I would collect all of the nail gun droppings and any other hardware I found. I would walk around the freshly framed up walls and try to envision the finished product. I loved the smell of sawdust. It will always remind me of my dad. Once the homes my dad was framing up were completed, we would always visit the model homes and it was the best family outing ever.  I actually remember these times more than Disneyland trips! Home is where my heart is.

When I was old enough to have my own place, whether it was an apartment or a house, I continued  the love for all things home. Our wedding registry was another amazing moment in my life. I was choosing things that would fill up my home. Things that The Hubs and I chose together…or things I sneaked on the list without approval:). Our first place, like many, was a small space. It was filled with so much love though. It was the first time The Hubs and I could make our own stamp on a space. Apparently, our stamp was palm trees. I recently just got rid of the last bit of our palm tree items from almost 11 years ago!

The Hubs shares my love for the home. He is a Realtor and so we both geek out on going to Open Houses. We love seeing how other people live. It is so inspiring. A home is where your personality shines. It is also an indicator of what is going on. If you came over before this past 3 day weekend you would notice that I needed a three day weekend. I was a bit overwhelmed and the clutter was a dead give away that I have been too busy.

Yard sales and thrift stores always make me happy. An old painting can enjoy another decade in a new home. What once served a purpose in someones home can bring joy to another.

But, this is all just the physical stuff that fills a home. I appreciate the structure of my home and the items I have chose to fill my home, but the people inside and the memories we make are my favorite. We move a lot. I actually love it. It is a chance to fill a new home with our personality. I love the traditions that we make in our home and others home. My parents have lived in the same home for 25 years! So I can still go to my old bedroom and remember memories from age 7-21. Every Christmas we all pile together at The Hubs parents’ home. We wake up and make more memories. Now we share that with our children.

Home is where my heart is. It isn’t the wood that frames up my home, the newest decor or the old treasures found for my home but the traditions, memories and love that fill up the home.

                                                                      Home Sweet Home.


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