Citrus Lane Unboxing

I recently was made aware of a new monthly subscription box for kids called Citrus Lane. I think it is a great way to introduce mommies and kiddos to new products. I have to admit something. I am not a very creative or imaginative mom. I am not the type to make my own playdough or use creative ways to teach my son things. I lean on Pinterest and my friends like, Munchkins and Moms to show me the way. So, I was exited to see this monthly box full of new products(to me).

We received the box today, which if we continue, it will come around the middle of each month. This is more of a first impression post as we haven’t tried all of the products. I was pleasantly surprised about how much was in the box. Here is a breakdown about what we received:
  1. Melissa & Doug Reusable Puffy Sticker Pad– Shane took that out first and loves it! He has already set up his pirate ship with all his stickers. I think this would be the best product in the box. 
  2. Two-sided Puzzles by Crocodile Creek– Three puzzles came in the box. Each puzzle is double-sided, so that is nice. Nothing super exciting but we did need some new puzzles!
  3. Wet Bag by Bumkins-I was a little confused because I thought wet bags were only for babies and each box is geared toward your child’s age and gender. Since Shane did start swimming lessons this week, I thought I could use it for his wet clothes. Plus, it was Mickey Mouse print and that made it super cute!
  4. Bandages by Ouchies Jr.-These bandages are great. They come in a super cute tin and kids are always in need of bandages, 
  5. Go Bars by Plum Organics-As I am typing this we actually already sampled each bar(it was all in the name of a good blog post). They are pretty good. I thought they were going to be more of a granola bar texture but are more of a dry brownie texture. That may sound horrible but they are pretty good. Shane did not like the Chocolate Brownie flavor but liked the Chocolate Chip one. They claim to be organic and they are but, they have a lot of natural sugars so I am not a huge fan. 

Overall, I liked the box. I used a special promo code for 50% off my first box. After reviewing all the products I would totally pay the 15.00 I paid but… not 29.99. Now, this is the price you pay if you just do a month to month plan. If you subscribe for a year you get it for 19.00 a month. There are also 3 month and 6 month plans. For our family that would not be too bad of a deal because we only have one child. I thought about my other mommies who have young babies and toddlers who would not enjoy or be able to share a box and they would need to order a box for each child. If you are interested I would definitely just get a box for either your infant or one just for your toddler(up to age 6). You do get discounts on any additional products you would like that you received in your box. Also, you can add items to your box from their website and enjoy free shipping. Shane loved receiving the box today and I think I will keep it up throughout the summer. I will keep you posted on anymore boxes we receive and if Shane gives them a thumbs up! 

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