Easy to Make: Children’s Daily Routine Chalkboard

I have something to admit. I do not have it all together. In fact most days I am lucky if I remember to brush my teeth and feed myself. I have a little human that I am responsible for. He does many things himself now(yay) but still needs reminding. Lately, I found myself feeling like a failure as a Mama and I needed to come up with a fun idea to write out Shane’s daily morning and nightly routines. Of course I started with Pinterest and saw this idea. I loved it because I knew I had a clipboard and chalkboard paint, so it was free!
I loved this because it wasn’t a printable and I could customize it to my child’s daily routine. I simply painted the clipboard with two coats of chalkboard paint(Valspar’s is great). After it dried I used a chalk maker to list all of the items Shane needs to do each day.I also added little drawing of each task as he doesn’t read yet and can simply look at each picture and know what to do all by himself! You can use anything in place of the clipboard, but I think this is great, as you can hang it on a wall in your child’s room or bathroom. We just purchased Shane a desk so I have it sitting on there. This has been so helpful to Mommy and my little man loves it. He can also check off each item as he completes them, with chalk if he wanted. Now, I may need to make one for Mommy:).


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