Summer Lovin: Thrift Store Haul

I have not been thrifting in so long! Mainly, because I do not need anything. On my birthday I had some time to shop. Shane was with me so we hit up the mall. He was such a trooper! I went to MAC and Sephora, not so fun for a five year old boy, but we did stop at the Disney Store(which is fun for Mama too). After the mall I decided to stop into our Savers Thrift Store. It is across the way from our mall. I haven’t had too much luck here. I am not big on buying clothes at Thrift Stores, but I love getting home goods and books there. I decided to give it another try and I am glad I did!

As soon as I walked in I saw a bunch of design books displayed. Happy Birthday to me!!!! Two were on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and another looked like a text book about Interior Design. They were marked 3.99 each but, the cashier was extra nice and gave them to me for .99 cents each! Unfortunately, that was the end of my treasure findings. I did spot the cuteset pineapple wood carved bowls. There were 6 of them. I placed them in my basket and continued to shop. I thought they would be adorable on a summer time party table, used to hold nuts or candies. I was in love with them but did I really NEED them, no. Each was wrapped up as sets of three. Only one was marked as 3.99. I even thought they might give them all to me at 3.99 which would be a great price, but 3.99 for each set…I wasn’t too sure. I then noticed one had a big chip in it…not a potato chip an actual piece missing:).This did it for me and I put them back. This was a mistake. I have been thinking about those darn pineapple bowls ever since. I keep coming across other pineapple items that would go lovely with those pineapple bowls. So, I went back today! Now my bday was on Saturday and it is now thursday that I went back to search for my beloved pineapple bowls. My hopes were not high in finding them but…….they were there!!!! Not all six but just three and the three without the chipped one…score! This is a long and dramatic story but, I am so happy I went back!

I also found a few other treasures on my second trip. One was a brass bird. I see these a lot in design and especially in MCM design. I also found a brass whale. Do I need a brass whale? NO, but I knew if I left it there I would be back a few days later. He now lives in Shane’s room. Each brass item was 2.99. So, for around 13.00 I think I scored!

thrift store haul


thrift haul 2

What are some treasures you have thrifted lately?


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