Classic Recipe With A Twist: Apple Hand Pies

I had an idea to start a series on my blog each week about classic recipes with a twist. I have been bitten by the cooking bug and I can’t get enough. I really wanted to work on perfecting classic recipes that I have made for years, but put a little twist on them. I decided to start out with an Apple Pie Recipe. Being that it is Fall now(Southern California did not get the memo) Apple Pie came to mind first. I have a really great Apple Pie recipe but I wanted to try my hand at….hand pies:).

Hand pies are basically miniature pies that you can hold and you really don’t need any utensils to eat them. Kind of like an on- the- go pie! I found a recipe online and decided to go with that one. So, glad I did. They turned our delish! In this recipe they used bits of caramel in the filling. I could not find the caramel in the squares like I usually can, so I went to the baking aisle and used caramel bits by Kraft. My little guy even got in on the action. He helped me make the dough. He has been loving being in the kitchen since he was old enough to walk. He even makes up his own recipes. I may have a Chef on my hands! That will be nice when Mommy doesn’t want to cook:).

Here is the recipe, enjoy! Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies




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