Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. I find myself doing the same thing over and over again, without ever thinking that there might be a better or more efficient way to do it! I can even go years doing something one way and finally notice that someone does it differently and better. At least I do not expect a different result as I do the same thing over and over again, because that would mean I am insane!


I have a creative mind and I don’t like to waste my time with details. I just want to create! I do not like following directions. I just want you to hand me something and have it work with very little effort. I do not like putting together things that require many steps to complete. IKEA furniture stresses me out! I am the one who pays to have someone else put it all together. So, needless to say I can get stuck in a rut and never try to look at the details and just rush through things.

I started to see this pattern of repetition flow over into every area of my life. It is not necessarily a horrible quality to have but when it comes to my faith I could see a problem. I was trying to follow Christ by just keeping my head down and never looking around. Never seeing those hurting around me. Never noticing that I could be doing more. When you do not ever question, if the way you do something is the best way to go about it, you find that you have missed out on learning new things. Questioning why is not bad, even when it comes to your faith. I realized I was not digging in deep and fully understanding why I believed in God. Or why am I a Christian?

Being an active Christian who is knowledgeable is what I needed to focus on. What good is my witness if I am not knowledgeable about my faith? No one wants to buy a product from someone who has no clue about the purpose of the product or how it functions. I was following aimlessly. Without direction. Not just without direction but without wanting to ask why or how does this all work? It required me to read God’s Word and you all now know how I do not like to follow directions! Once I realized that God’s directions were there to help me and not to frustrate me I began to see how much I was missing out on. Once I stopped looking inward and started looking around me I was so encouraged. I saw those hurting around me. I was excited to learn more about God and what He wanted for me. I came to see that digging deeper and asking questions gave me more knowledge and a desire to share my knowledge. I was also more compassionate instead of being selfish.

***Side note….I had to stop writing as two Jehovah Witnesses came to my door. She talked about knowing the Bible. I said I was a Christian, but I appreciated that she was so bold to share her faith. She immediately said, “Oh, we are Christians too”. Sorry girlfriend but you are not. It was a good experience though. I immediately went online to see what they believe. It is very different of course from what I believe but it challenged me to truly know what I believe. They will most likely come back and will I be prepared enough to defend and explain my faith? I will try!┬áThis was a great reminder to me that I need to be prepared and have knowledge of what I believe.

I think this is what faith is all about. James McDonald says, “Put some action behind what you believe, and then watch God work.” “Faith is not passive-it’s active.”When God is at work that is when things get exciting, but we must be willing to follow those directions and not be idle.





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