Boho Glam Office/Guest Bedroom

Boho-Glam Office_Guest Room

Sofa/Clock/Rug/Dresser(vintage piece-source unknown)

I am so excited that the One Room Challenge is happening the same week I relaunch my blog! It was meant to be! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge check out the hosts’ website (Calling It Home) for more details and other sites to follow! There are so many talented people involved.

As some of you may know we just moved into a new to us home in June. So, there is no shortage of projects to do around here! I decided to tackle our office/guest bedroom because it was quickly becoming a dump all room. For the most part I had all the furniture pieces I needed. I just needed to paint and decorate. I did do some rearranging of furniture. The room is pretty small and there are not too many configurations that work. Being that this is a multi-purpose space I had to fit quite a bit into this small space.

I decided to go with a Boho Glam design style. We purchased a sleeper sofa from Mathis Brothers in a dark charcoal. I brought in a dresser that I had been holding onto for years. It is a Henry Link dresser from the Bali Hai collection, which is my favorite designed furniture of all time! It originally was a yellow color, but it was pretty beat up. I decided to go with a semi-gloss white and love how it turned out.

I also had a MCM sewing table that I used for a desk in our previous home. I was debating trying for a larger desk as this table/desk is pretty small, but in the end it really fit the space well.

Without giving you too much more details let me share with you a few ideas and take you along, during the next six weeks, as I transform this room!



Here is a very awful before but hopefully soon to be awesome after! I went back and forth about which color to paint the walls. I was leaning towards grey and even bought a gallon of it, but once I chose my rug, I decided to paint it white! It’s my favorite! So, on the agenda for this next week is paint! I learned from painting my bathroom that we have oil based paint on our walls! Ugh! So I will need to prime first and then paint. See you all next week with more fun details!

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