Week 2: One Room Challenge

I have been a busy bee painting our guest bedroom/office this past week. Choosing a wall color is one of the most important choices in my opinion. It sets the whole tone for a room. I originally thought I would step away from my typical white. I actually went so far as to buy samples and then a whole gallon of a light grey. But, once I started gathering ideas I knew I had to stick with white! I went with the paint color “White” by Behr…I know so adventurous! Just in case you are curious I mentioned this in my last post, but we have oil based paint on all of our walls. So I primed them first and the new paint went on great. I learned my lesson from a previous painting project in our bathroom, ┬áthat paint with primer alone does not end well! I basically painted my whole bathroom only to have it all peel off!

I’m going for a more Boho look which can either be pretty neutral or filled with a lot of color. I chose a rug that was full of color so, that really swayed my decision to go with white. I am so glad that I did. My overall look is Boho Glam/Chic so, to add some glam I searched for different wall treatments. I originally wanted removable wallpaper. I immediately went to Walls Need Love. After figuring out how much I needed I behaved myself and decided to go a different route. Our guest bedroom/office is the least used room in our home(after this makeover, maybe not). I decided to save the wallpaper for our Master bedroom which is next on the list. I spied these removable wall dots from Walls Need Love. I absolutely love them. I love that they are easily removable. I originally spaced them too closely, but it was easy to remove a few and create more space between the dots. If you are looking to make a statement, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on wallpaper, this is a great option. They have other designs too, like stripes!

Next week I’ll be sharing the fun stuff like pillows, curtains, lamps and accessories! Most of it is from Target surprise, surprise! I did venture out and get a pillow from a shop I’ve been dying to purchase something from. See ya next week! Oh and for more behind the scenes follow me on Instagram! @thedaysofsummerblog

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