Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece

thanx centerpiece

Thanksgiving can be pretty hectic. Many times the last thing you want to think about is a centerpiece or any table decor. I thought a great way to get a beautiful centerpiece quickly and inexpensively would be to shop the produce aisle! While you are there picking up your ingredients for stuffing and sweet potato casserole you can pick up a few more items to make your table spectacular!

I cruised the produce section and found some really pretty fruits and veggies! I grabbed a few pomegranates, clementines, mini apples, rosemary, cranberries and pine cones. Have fun and pick up a few veggies or fruits that you may have never thought of eating but would look great as a centerpiece. There are so many different directions you can go with this. So, if you are headed to the grocery store for some items for Thanksgiving cruise through the produce aisle and see what you can come up with. This is what I decided to do!

Pine cones, mini apples, pomegranates, rosemary, cranberries and not pictured clementines(cuties).
I wanted it to look really organic. I simply placed the cranberries in a mason jar to add some height and placed the produce and pine cones around them. I added a few sprigs of rosemary in between the fruit. Other herbs like sage or thyme would look and smell great!


I received this cute little Thanksgiving print from Kristin Schmucker. I love adding verses or quotes to my centerpieces.



Happy Thanksgiving!


Top 5 Hostess Essentials

When I have people over I like to use it as a time to bring out all of my cute serviceware. I admit, I like any excuse to get all fancy, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Whether you are having a few friends over to watch some Sunday Football or having a large group over for a dinner party, here are my top 5 items that will make you party look great and are essentials that can be used time and time again.

hostess essentials

World Market Drink Dispenser// Williams-Sonoma Wine Glasses //Mr. Coffee 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker

World Market White Rectangular Platters  //Pottery Barn White Rectangular Platters

World Market Apothecary Drink Dispenser //Keurig K40 //Threshold White Tablecloth

Top 5 Essentials are:

  1. Drink Dispensers- I chose a more everyday dispenser that can be used more frequently and then one that is a bit more fancy for the more formal gatherings.
  2. Coffeemaker-The Hubs and I do not make coffee at home so this is an item that is actually on my list to buy. Most people drink coffee so it is great to offer coffee to your guests. Especially if you are serving dessert! A Keurig is a great choice if you want to offer different coffee or even non coffee options.
  3. Wineglasses- For me I have found having 8-12 wineglasses is best. This can be tricky if you have wine snobs that want a particular wine glass for different types of wine. I would purchase 6 white and 6 red wine glasses. A great inexpensive way to add to your collection is to pick some up from the Thrift Store.
  4. White platter-White is just a great color for any serviceware. Having a few varying sized platters will allow you to set a cohesive setting that can go with any party.
  5. White linens-Again having white linens will allow you to be able to use them at any party. You don’t have to break the bank buying a variety of colors.

Entertaining 101

I love to host parties. I have learned quite a bit…mainly from my mistakes…about what to do and not to do when entertaining. Here are a few basic tips that will help you throw a great party.


1. My first and most important tip has to do with the  bathroom. Yep, the bathroom. There is nothing worse than going to someones house and you have to search for toilet paper because there was not enough on the roll. Always make sure to put a new roll on before your party starts. One reason is it looks better, but it also will insure that you will not run out.

Another bathroom tip is to have a new/clean hand towel in the bath or paper towels. If you have a large party, check mid way through the party and put another hand towel out as the first one could get pretty wet from all your guests washing their hands. Also, make it very clear which towel your guests need to use. Either place it on the towel ring or on the counter next to the sink. If you have fancy…just for show towels…make sure your guests know those are just for looks. Want to know a weird quirk I have???? I hate towel racks with fancy towels! I know…weird! I think they irritate me because I can never fold the towels correctly and I think they are kind of useless. Now put up a hook and a Turkish towel…I am all over that.

turkish towel blog

Ok, back to entertaining tips!

2.Plan…Plan…Plan. I like to make my to-do list at least a month before the event. Sometimes I plan something last minute(not very often) but it happens. Write out your menu, guest list and to do list. Buy anything like paper goods as soon as possible. Also, buy anything you can freeze. Take inventory of your glassware. Once you have all of that squared away and purchased, the week before or days before, you can focus on buying the perishable food.Check your grocery circulars the week of your party to see which store have the best deals on what you need. I also like to do a mock set up of my drink and food area. That way I know what dishes I need to purchase. Speaking of dishes….


3.White Dishes-One thing I wish someone would have told me, as I was registering for my wedding, was to register for all white dishes. They are timeless and are great to use at any dinner party. I am also slowly replacing all my platters and bowls with white ones. It allows the food to shine and works with any theme!

white platters


4.Relax and enjoy your guests- I have to admit I fail miserably at this. I love all the planning and decorating for a party but I miss the mark when it comes to hospitality. Hospitality is different from entertaining. I can wow people with a great cheese platter but what really matters is making my guests feel welcomed. Make sure you are pretty much done with all the food 30 minutes before guests arrive. I like to hold off on dishes that may need to go into the oven until about 30 minutes after guests have arrived. That allows you to greet your guest and help them with their coats and/or purses(make sure you have a place for these). Then once you have greeted people you can put any items in the oven and have them hot and ready(this is for those items that only need a few minutes in the oven). Make sure if you have different groups of people at your party you are doing a good job at mingling. Give yourself a time limit if needed with each group. Be aware of  anyone who may not know anyone. Introduce those who do not know each other and try to make a connection that will allow those quests to find common ground and have something to talk about.

I would love to hear any of your entertaining tip for throwing a fun and smooth party!